Andrew Phillips Cardflex Processors

Are you an employer with workers who earn wages and tips? Or, maybe you’re a merchant looking for fast ways to clear payments from customers. Maybe you need a faster way to conduct payroll processes. Regardless of why you’re looking into the automated payment processing industry, there’s clear evidence that those at the forefront are to thank for something so many of us take for granted. Andrew Phillips, of Cardflex, is one such industry leader who has spent more than three decades improving upon technology he helped roll out in the 1980s, 90’s and on. In the years since, he has helped other companies accomplish what his own ventures already checked off and continues to find ways to improve upon a program that quite simply makes all of our lives easier. For those looking to learn more about Andrew Phillips, Cliq and payments industry, then you’ve come to the right place. We encourage you to learn about Mr. Phillips and check this website often for additional insight into the field as well as ways for businesses and consumers to benefit.

Between the early 1980s and early 2000s, Mr. Phillips was quite busy developing ways for businesses to streamline their financial processes. With Integrated Transaction Services, Mr. Phillips would develop a way for manual check authorization to turn into an automated and electronic job that would go on to serve as the backbone for electronic benefits transfer (EBT) card processing as well as debit and credt card transactions at supermarkets across New Mexico and west Texas. With Payment Resources International, Mr. Phillips would seize upon Internet-based payment solutions to accomplish , mobile and ACH tasks through proprietary technology. At TransFirst, Mr. Phillips would be welcomed aboard with the expectation of helping the company end the shedding of merchants. He easily did so even before his contract came up for renewal.

With decades of experience under his belt, Cardflex was Andrew Phillips next venture. The merchant payments and pre-paid card company was responsible for payment transactions and, due another innovative breakthrough development instant tip and gratuity was born that allowed gratuity industry workers to receive their tips instantly on a card that Cardflex was best known for. In 2016, Andrew Phillips took Cliq to the next level by accepting micro merchant transactions and supporting real-time funding. When clients came to Cardflex, now Cliq, Andrew Phillips was there to work with them and set up card-processing programs that were uniquely designed to meet their individual needs. If you’re looking to set up the same type of program at your place of work, Andrew Phillips and Cliq are the resources to trust.